An Important reminder

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone,

There is something I want to tell to everyone including my readers right now, please understand that this is very important. I have a very big mission that is due in 2020. 

 I've been drifting along the astral plane for a long time. there i contemplate my choices during my youth. I am a young man now, I am 19. It's obvious that my friend Death is waiting for me to join him in the other side yet I am scared to cross the border separating us from being together, for now. 

 Life in the other hand is very unpredictable, and egoistic, being friends with him is mandatory. I'm influence by life to continue spreading dopamine among my brain's neurons. 

 I could go on and on about my mission but time is really jealous of me.

So here's my life's bucket list:

Be in space ( preferably inside a safe place)
Memorize the Quran and the Hadith Saheh
Die a Martyr in Mecca with honour.
Marry and have many children
Be a benevolent world leader
Unite the Muslim Empire
Conquer Jerusalem
Be a Trillionaire.
Do business 
Go to Hajj


It might be to cliche but here it is, I don't care that it is obvious.