Art Overview: Nik Muaz Hakim

Salam Taaruf and hello everyone!


Plenty of exciting stuff happened in 2016 to 2017 so without further ado let's summarize all of it! Nik joined a few competition in 2017 namely Wechat sticker competition and r/reddit.
Won the mobile logo competiton for r/art and was gilded
Muaz's stickers for wechat competition
Nik also started a new art page on Instagramdeviantartartstation and pixiv.
One of Nik's posts on pixiv after pixiv's new like update

His art on instagram
In his spare time, if he has any, he draws, writes, illustrate and build apps!
Upcoming visual novel on Play Store, Neverend's Saga
Last but not least, Nik mods a fairly known game called Civilization 5
His modpack overview
His new collection of stuff, a webcomic!

Overall: Nik has the capability to use a wide variety of application such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk, SAI, (a tad bit of)Unity, and CamStudio.

Thank you for reading!

*Uses third person view to make it a more peculiar but interesting story.

Other drawings using Photoshop

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